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14 Tips To Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy Before the Holidays

14 Tips To Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy Before the Holidays

They only come once each year. It’s critical to make the best of the holidays so you can start your new year off with a positive mindset. Still, getting into the spirit of the season isn’t easy for everyone. Many of us need the sights and sounds of the holidays to feel it and so begin by decorating our homes. Use these tips to make your home feel warm and cozy before the holidays pass you by.

Don’t start the new year with regrets. Let go of any negativity from the past year by cleansing your space with warmth and joy. These are the best ways to do it.

Light Candles

The holidays are the best time of year to find festive scented candles to fill your home. Buy luxury online candles with long-lasting scents that will linger in your home long after you extinguish them. Consider aromas such as:

  • Cranberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin
  • Plum
  • Pear
  • Cedar
  • Apple

Place Trees in Multiple Rooms

Bringing nature indoors is a fabulous way to make any space feel cozy. During winter, you can decorate with pines, figs, and pinecones to give your space a winter cabin vibe. Place wreaths and garland on walls and banisters and consider using more than one tree. While the grandest tree will be your focal point, you can use smaller ones on the mantle, in a bathroom, and near your entrance.

Start a Simmer Pot

Warm up your space while incorporating the scents of the season when you simmer your favorite festive ingredients. Combine fruits and spices in a pot of water and place it on low to medium heat. Over the next few hours, the components will soak into the water, and the steam will release the aroma.

Decorate With Plush Materials

Once winter rolls around, it’s the perfect time to switch out your décor. Exchange light rugs, throw blankets, and pillows for plush ones with shag or fur textures. Including soft textures in your home can soften the look and make it feel more inviting.

Bake Festive Treats

Enjoy the smell and taste of the holidays when you put your oven to good use. It’s a tradition to bake sweets this time of year, and you can make your home feel cozier when you do it. Choose your favorite recipes or decide how you want your home to smell when you start baking this season.

Diffuse Seasonal Scents Into Your Space

Instantly make your home smell warm and cozy when you diffuse your favorite scent into the air. It’s the perfect time of year to use holiday aromas that remind you of the joy of the season. Diffusers use essential oil, so you can enjoy scents like peppermint, orange, and pine.

Get an Indoor Fire Pit

Whether or not you have a fireplace, an indoor fire pit is an exquisite addition to any interior design. It looks simple and beautiful when not lit and provides enough fire to warm a small space and roast food. Have an adult campfire in your living room through the winter season with one of these.

Style Your Dining Table

Your entire home deserves the same cheer you give your living room. Spruce up your dining room by adding a tablecloth or runners that match your seasonal style. You can also add a centerpiece to bring it all together.

Use Your Favorite Holiday Colors

You can create a festive holiday scene using any colors you like. While red and green are synonymous with Christmas, many people use multi-colored lights to decorate this time of year. If you celebrate Hanukkah, you may decorate with more blues, and if you celebrate Kwanza, you might decorate with more reds, blacks, and greens. Further, if you love purple or pink, you can have a holiday that involves any shade you want.

Rearrange Your Furniture for Company

Plan to have guests over to warm up your home for the holidays. To prepare for them, arrange your furniture so that everyone can easily communicate (or see the TV!). Rearranging your furniture not only freshens up the place but makes it feel more inviting as you prepare for visitors.

Hang String Lights

Nothing is more festive than holiday lights. Hang them inside and outside your home to make it cheery all over. Wrap your banisters, mantle, windows, and more in lights to make your rooms glow. String lights come in all sorts of colors and may allow for animation. Lights make any holiday décor shine brighter and make your space so inviting, you won’t want to take them down.

Wear Cozy Clothing

Embrace winter by wearing cozy clothes that keep you warm. One of the best things about this time of year is cuddling up in soft fabrics. Add a cup of tea or cocoa, and it’s the perfect day. The best pieces of clothing to wear around the house during winter include:

  • Knitted sweaters
  • Slippers
  • Sweatpants
  • Hoodies
  • Thick socks
  • Fingerless gloves

Inspect Your HVAC

Take care of this as soon as possible and before winter sets in. Before it gets too cold outside, hire a professional to inspect your HVAC and make sure it’s not damaged. Once it gets cold, people will realize their units don’t work and rates will skyrocket. Further, it might be difficult to find a contractor who is available.

Find a Holiday Welcome Mat

Your home can greet you with warmth and cheer the moment you get home each day. Find a holiday-themed welcome mat that reminds you of the atmosphere you’ve created inside. It’ll be the last thing you see when you leave each day and the first thing you see when you get home.

Though it comes just once a year, the holiday season is something to look forward to. Save these tips to make your home feel warm and cozy before the holidays to use each time they roll around. You’ll uncover new ways to warm up your space and make it smell good. Enjoy traditions you can pass down and find exciting ways to celebrate your heritage. Make this holiday season one to remember when you welcome everyone to your cozy home.

14 Tips To Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy Before the Holidays

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