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5 Accessories to Take Your Living Room to the Next Level

5 Accessories to Take Your Living Room to the Next Level

Nowadays with design shows on every streaming service and thousands of inspiration pictures and mood boards on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, it’s easier than ever to enjoy designing your home without having to hire an interior designer. The best way to tackle any design project is to focus on one room at a time. You’ll want to spend your time searching for accessories and accent furniture that will not only help elevate your space, but will also tie the whole design together.

One of our favorite spaces to decorate is a living room and while the most expensive items you’ll buy are likely the couch, coffee table, and tv, there are so many amazing affordable options for living room accessories that really transform your space. According to, the average person spent about $2,200 on their living room in 2018. Rather than focusing on doing it all at once, the best way to tackle furnishing your living room at an affordable rate is by spreading out your large purchases and buying living room accessories that take your room to the next level without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a few affordable but stylish pieces or want to change your space into a luxury room, here are five living room accessories ideas you should focus on first!


Since coffee tables and side tables can add up, especially if you buy high-quality furniture, stools could be a great inexpensive option to add functional accents to your living room. Whether you purchase a bright stool with a unique design to add some pizzazz to your space or opt for a more traditional one to use in a corner and function as a stand for picture frames and books, stools can be awesome stylish living room accessories.


Pillows come in all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes and are amazing at adding both style and comfort to your space! At Decor Market, we carry hundreds of decorative Safavieh pillows that suit any budget and style. Browse our myriad of options and enjoy a living room accessory that instantly elevates your living room.

Artificial Plants

Whether you like the look of large indoor plants and trees or have a shelf that needs a little life added to it, artificial plants are amazing inexpensive decor ideas. With faux plants in your space, you’re inviting the outdoors into your home which brings along amazing calming benefits and bright colors and design elements that go with any color palette. Not sure what to do with an awkward corner? Try a faux olive potted tree and place it in a woven planter for a chic look.  


Believe it or not, mirrors are not just great in bathrooms and bedrooms but are also amazing design accents in small rooms or as statement pieces in larger ones. If you’re looking for a great way to make your fireplace really pop, hang an accented circular mirror in the center of the wall directly above it or lean a square or rectangular shaped one against the wall on the mantle for a beautiful look that expands your space.


Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a room and interior designers with years of experience are thoughtful in selecting lighting that aligns with the function of the space. One great way to elevate your space while also focusing on the functionality of your room is by selecting curtains that work best based on the natural lighting in the room. If your room doesn’t get much direct light, you may want to go for sheer window panels that add a hint of luxury without blocking out the light. On the other hand, if you have direct sunlight that makes it difficult to cuddle into the couch for a movie, blackout curtains that have a unique pattern can make a world of difference.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your space with any of the living room accessories ideas we provided or want to invest in decor like a comfy throw, inviting candle, or statement art piece, we have thousands of amazing accessories to choose from. Browse our living room section or head to the decor category of our site to find the best living room accessory for you and your space and enjoy transforming your room into the dreamy space you’ve always wanted. If you purchase anything from Decor Market, we’d love to see your space, so make sure to tag us online!

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