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Dos & Don'ts of Area Rugs: 5 Common Decor Mistakes To Avoid

Dos & Don'ts of Area Rugs: 5 Common Decor Mistakes To Avoid

Few things last forever. You’ll change up your décor many times throughout your life, but some of the pieces you use may stay the same. For instance, you may be using the same rugs to design your living room and dining room. Find out if you’re following the proper dos and don’ts of area rugs. Check out these five common décor mistakes to avoid.

Do Place Rugs Beneath Furniture

It may seem counterintuitive since you’ll be covering part of your gorgeous rug, but many look exquisite beneath a coffee or dining room table. Use rectangle area rugs to bring symmetry to your space.

Do Choose a Suitable Material

All rugs are made differently. Some materials can withstand more foot traffic than others. Consider where you’ll place the rug and choose a material that makes sense for that spot. For instance, rugs for hallways, entryways, and living rooms need durable materials like wool so they don’t break down.

Do Mix and Match

Don’t try to match everything in your home to the same color or texture. Your rugs don’t need to be the same shades, either. You can mix and match by finding common features in your design that go together.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Practice sustainability when you purchase rugs that will last. You may spend more in the long run if you have to rebuy your home decorations. Find quality rugs that will last a lifetime when you buy from a reputable retailer.

Don’t Select the Wrong Size

The biggest mistake you can make when ordering rugs online is purchasing the wrong size. Don’t buy a rug that’s too small for your space just to save money. You want your rug to fit beneath furniture and fill your space.

Follow these dos and don’ts of area rugs and keep these common décor mistakes to avoid in mind. You can decorate like a pro with the rugs you already have or with new ones from Décor Market. Shop our online store for a wide variety.

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