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Why Pick a Transitional Style Rug Over a Contemporary Style?

Why Pick a Transitional Style Rug Over a Contemporary Style?

The fine lines between different rug styles are drawn in terms of their appearances and intentions. For those looking to master the art of interior design for your home, it is a good idea to understand the different uses for design factors like rugs. Knowing why people pick transitional rugs over contemporary-style rugs is a good place to start.

Searching for a More Traditional Look

Contemporary style rugs make a statement in the room you place them in. People want to look at a contemporary rug’s bold or soft design and colors. On the other hand, a transitional style rug plays with the simplicity of a traditional rug while sometimes incorporating the bold colors of modern contemporary ones.

Aiming for Uniformity

Transitional style area rugs help make rooms flow together. They are ideal for leading the eye and seamlessly pulling together different parts of the room. This is partly due to the subtler design style that transitional rugs use. However, while the design of these carpets tends to lean more on the traditional end, they still have a more modern flair that prevents them from feeling old or outdated.

Don’t Want the Rug To Stand Out

Contemporary style rugs are beautiful to the point of being able to become the centerpiece of a room. However, that same quality makes it difficult for some designers to fit into a room. Not everyone wishes to focus on a rug, and that job becomes much more difficult when using something made to stand out. Transitional style rugs are excellent in that they are the perfect blend of unique design while not being too noticeable overall.

Understanding why people pick transitional rugs over contemporary style is a great first step to understanding your home’s floor design concepts. Deciding on what you want sometimes starts with knowing the intentions behind how the various pieces fit together. Hopefully, you have an easier time designing your home with a few of these ideas to keep in mind.

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