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3 Statement Pieces that Instantly Elevate Your Space

3 Statement Pieces that Instantly Elevate Your Space

Whenever you are looking to refresh one of your living spaces, it can quickly become overwhelming with all the different furniture and décor pieces available. If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your space that is instantly effective, you may want to consider adding a new statement piece (or even replacing an older one). Statement furniture and decor pieces can do wonders for setting the tone and personality of your space as well as act as a great way to beckon your guests into the room.

With 55% of homeowners claiming they tackled a home renovation project in 2021, it’s never been more popular to invest in your home. Statement pieces are ideal for adding a classy touch without having to break the bank or redo your entire space. From home lighting ideas and area rugs to mirrors and wall art, we put together some of our top tips for selecting a statement piece that will instantly elevate your home.


The first statement piece to consider literally sets the mood for your whole room. No matter what time of day it is, lighting impacts the mood and energy of your space. One of the easiest ways to take your interior design to the next level is to incorporate some decorative lighting fixtures. Whether you’re looking for unique sconces, stunning chandeliers, or functional and beautiful floor lamps, a new lighting fixture is sure to make a statement in your room.


Since rugs are easy to swap out and not permanent, they are a great opportunity to invite design into your room that you can easily change for the season or mood of the room without having to replace the flooring. Area rugs offer a unique way to showcase your style and can be the ideal statement piece to create an eye-catching focal point. Whether you love patterns, bold colors, or a mixture of both, rugs come in all sorts of designs, materials, and weaves to complement and add a statement to your home.

Wall decor and mirrors

Last, but certainly not least, wall decor and mirrors are perfect options for adding a statement to your space. Since they can come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes, the sky's the limit which makes it easy for you to elevate your space in a unique way that works best for you. Mirrors are great for rooms that tend to be a bit darker or smaller since they can help light bounce around the room and give the illusion that the space is larger than one might think. Wall decor is ideal for showcasing your own personal style and it can be fun to pick out the best art to complement your space.

How to pick the best statement piece(s) for you

When it comes to upgrading your space, it’s important to not only love the design and each piece you purchase, but to also think about functionality. While many people think there are rules and boundaries when it comes to interior design, that couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, many people believe you should stick to a single statement piece in a room, but if you find two statement pieces from one room that would work beautifully together (like a unique rug and a beautiful lighting fixture), go for it! Your home is a reflection of you and should be a space you’re both proud of and comfortable in.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your living room or just want to add a statement to the entryway, make sure to check out the extensive selection of statement pieces we have at Decor Market Enjoy browsing our variety of lighting fixtures, area

rugs, mirrors, wall décor, and more and make sure to tag us when you add a brand-new statement piece to your home.

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