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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Guest Bathroom Stand Out

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Guest Bathroom Stand Out

When you are traveling, there’s no greater feeling than walking into the bathroom where you’re staying and noticing small luxury touches. There’s a reason that nicer hotels focus on having high-end soaps, cozy towels, and great fixtures, it’s because guests notice and love these features. In fact, a survey by Tourism Review

While your home is not a hotel, there’s no reason you can’t add a few key things to make your guest bathroom stand out. Welcome your guests with some small extravagances when they stay with you with these easy guest bathroom ideas that can truly make your guest bathroom one of a kind.

Add plush bath mats

One of the easiest ways to turn a dull bathroom into a cozy retreat is by adding a plush bath mat . No one likes stepping out of the shower or bath tub onto a cold floor, and the added comfort of a plush bath mat can feel luxurious after a warm soak. Want to add some design elements or a pop of color? Have fun choosing an elevated bath mat that can also double as a design piece.

Include a hamper

Hampers and laundry baskets (especially those with lids) offer beautiful options for guests to place their used towels and linen out of sight and off the floor. Basket hampers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and if you have the space for them in your guest bath, they can be a unique added design element that also functions well for both you and your guests. Hampers can be an inexpensive investment that gives you the look and feel of a luxury guest bathroom.

Buy an artificial plant

Indoor plants have become extremely popular for homeowners, especially since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. While many of them require some sunlight which may not be available in your guest bathroom, artificial plants are great for bathroom decor to add the color and comfort of plants without running the risk of them withering away.

Invest in a vanity stool

If you happen to have extra space in your guest bathroom, either in the corner of the room or under a countertop, a vanity stool is a bonus amenity that your guests will love. Whether you’re looking for a plush seat for added comfort or want a smaller functional chair like a bar stool , vanity stools are great ways to add a place to sit and relax while also giving your guest another surface to place their things.

Whether you want to add a few small decor items to the counter tops or want to invest in some key pieces like vanity stools, hampers, and upgraded furnishings, your guests are sure to love any effort you put into your guest bathroom. With simple additions like these, you can easily elevate your space to a luxury guest bathroom. Make sure to check out the decor we have a Decor Market and to on social media with your finished look so we can see how you styled your new pieces.

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