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4 Expert Tips for Choosing an Area Rug Color

4 Expert Tips for Choosing an Area Rug Color

The perfect area rug brings your space together. Professional designers know that no space is complete without the right rug. Use these four expert tips for choosing an area rug color to find the one that works in your space.

Start With a Rug

A rule of thumb for many interior designers is to begin with the area rug. Starting with the rug makes it easier to match colors. Further, it gives you free rein to choose any rug you like, no matter how bold the pattern or vibrant the colors.

Pro-Tip: The right rug can inspire your home décor. If you aren’t certain how to theme your space, start by building off a rug you adore.

Complement Your Current Color Scheme

If your space is already decorated, add a rug that includes colors from your existing décor. Find one that includes two or three primary colors from your space. While shopping, it helps to take swatches from your couch or curtains to ensure you get the perfect color match.

Pro-Tip: Find a patterned rug with a secondary color that matches your sofa. If you choose a solid color, it should match the accent colors in your space.

Mix and Match Patterns With Solid Colors

Another rule that designers use when adding rugs to a space is mixing and matching patterns and solids. If your space includes a lot of bold prints, purchase a solid area rug. On the other hand, if your furniture is a solid color, enhance your space with a patterned rug.

Choose Light Vs. Dark Area Rugs

The color of the area rug you choose can set the mood in your space. Darker décor that incorporates reds and purples creates an intimate space, while lighter shades like white and yellow expand a family-friendly space.

Another thing to consider when deciding between light or dark patterns is how easy they are to clean. If you purchase white area rugs for a living room with high foot traffic, you might have to clean them often. Still, you can instantly brighten up a reading corner, bedroom, or office space with a white rug.

Save these expert tips for choosing an area rug color for each time you decorate a room. Regardless of which shape rug you desire, choose colors that complement your room by identifying—and sticking to—the main colors already present in your space. Mixing and matching patterns with solids will make your design stand out. Find the best area rugs today at Décor Market.

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