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4 Reasons Transitional Area Rugs Are Popular

4 Reasons Transitional Area Rugs Are Popular

Hardwood floors are beautiful-and challenging. They look great but get cold and may cause you to slip. The best way to dress them up is with rugs. Choose a timeless rug with transitional options. Uncover some reasons transitional area rugs are popular.

What Are Transitional Area Rugs?

Many rugs can fall into the transitional category. It’s simply a style that blends traditional and modern design. When shopping for transitional area rugs, you may notice ones that feature a vintage design with bold colors. You get the best of both worlds with these unique rugs.

Enjoy Versatility

Use a transitional rug in modern or traditional spaces. Since these rugs come in an assortment of styles, you can create pops of color or infuse your room with cool tones. The style works in any space such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Design a Focal Point

Typically, the designs on these area rugs are bold and intricate. They may be the first things you see when you walk into the room. Since they’re so beautiful, you can make them the focal point of your room.

Choose Different Shapes

Transitional area rugs come in square and circular shapes. Choose rectangle or oval shapes to fit in front of sofas or beneath long tables. Since this style is very popular, it’s easy to find rugs in multiple sizes as well.

Create Flow

With transitional rugs, you can tie spaces together or separate them. Use a transitional rug on one side of an open living space to create a bright and elegant ambiance. Since these rugs come in so many different colors and designs, two different ones can create separate ambiances.

It’s not difficult to understand the reasons transitional area rugs are popular. They work well in any space and come in multiple sizes. The style makes decorating easy-especially if you need a quick focal point. Start designing with rugs today when you shop Décor Market.

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