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All About Rugs : Elevate Your Space with A Single Piece

All About Rugs : Elevate Your Space with A Single Piece

When you’re looking to furnish your new home or upgrade a room, there are a few staple pieces that you likely go to every time. One that is universal and a “go to” for multiple rooms is a rug. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and textures and are an awesome way to add function, comfort, and style to any space. Whether you’re looking to add a hint of luxury to your room or simply want to add warmth to your space, rugs are a great option to elevate your look from the floor up. Since there are so many options out there, keep reading to learn more about the best ways to pick the ideal rug for your living room, dining room, and any other space at home!

What to do with a big space

Area rugs are great options if you’re looking to showcase your style and fill a big space like a living room or dining room and are among the most popular rugs purchased. In fact, according to a study done by Statista, 79% of American households have at least one area rug in their home. Rugs can be great to layer over older carpet but are often used to add warmth to a space with hardwood or other flat floors, making the focal point of the room obvious, chic, and cozy.  

If you’re looking for rug decor ideas, the best way to choose a rug for your living room or dining room is to start by considering the size of the room. While you want it to be substantial, you don’t want to fill the entire room from wall to wall, so it’s best to begin with a measurement that you’re comfortable with. Then you can enjoy the fun part of picking your statement piece, browsing all the designs.

At Decor Market, we make it easy to navigate our large selection of area rugs with four simple options: shop by color, shop by shape, shop by size, or shop by style. When selecting a rug by color, it’s important to consider the other furniture in your room as well as the wall color. If you have a muted color palette, you may want to provide an elevated contrast with a statement piece that ties it all together. If your furniture is bold, perhaps a calm print would be a great option.

Rugs are a solution for often forgotten spaces

While large area rugs and rugs underneath kitchen and dining room tables are common in many homes, there are other rugs that can be a great solution to elevate rooms in the home that are often forgotten. Small rugs are a perfect way to add style and comfort to any room you add them to. Here are some of the best places to consider adding some rug decor ideas into your home:

  • Entryway: making a statement when someone walks into your home can be easily done with an amazing chandelier and stylish table with greenery, books, and candles, but the best way to really wow your guests is to tie it all together with a stylish rug. Whether you have a circular entryway with a curved staircase that is perfect for a circle rug, or a narrow hallway leading to a common room that would be great for a long runner rug, play around with shapes, sizes, and patterns to take your entryway to the next level.
  • Laundry room: just because you don’t invite many guests into your laundry room, doesn’t mean you can’t elevate the space and have some fun! Pro tip: if your laundry room is right off the door to your garage and doubles as a mud room, consider a darker rug since it’s more likely to get dirty.  
  • Bathroom: many people will have bath mats in front of the shower and the toilet, but you don’t have to go with just a plain mat. If you’re going for a spa-like feel, keep the neutral colors but enjoy playing around with textures and patterns.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your main common areas in your home or just want to find a great rug for your living room, check out our high-quality rugs for sale at Decor Market. Enjoy browsing our variety of patterns, colors, materials, and weaves and make sure to tag us when you add a brand-new rug to your home

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