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Buyers’ Tips for Choosing Transitional Area Rugs

Buyers’ Tips for Choosing Transitional Area Rugs

Transitional area rugs are a popular style because you can fit them into any décor. You can use these buyers’ tips for choosing transitional area rugs whether you’re decorating a living room, bedroom, or entryway.

What Is a Transitional Area Rug?

A transitional area rug is a specific rug style. Like transitional décor, it combines contemporary and traditional styles. Typically, you can identify transitional style area rugs by their intricate details and neutral colors.

Coordinate Colors

When choosing a rug for your space, try to coordinate it with the colors of your home. While many transitional rugs include neutral hues, you’ll want to choose one with neutrals that complement the ones in your space. If the rug contains colors, you should match or coordinate it with the shades already present in your home.

Compliment Your Aesthetic

Consider the theme of your home before purchasing a transitional rug. Though they’re grand and elaborate, not all rugs look good in every space. For instance, you might reconsider how a black and red rug would look in your coastal home and consider an item with lighter shades.

Measure Your Space

Always measure your space before buying a rug. You want a rug that compliments your room rather than overwhelming it. Further, you don’t want to buy a rug that’s too small for your furniture.

Select the Correct Shape

Some of the most beautiful area rugs are large rectangular beauties you can place beneath a coffee table or dining room table. If you live in an apartment, you might consider a circular rug. Round rugs are ideal for small spaces since they take up slightly less space while providing a great deal of style.

Sprucing up your space can be as simple as adding an area rug if you know how to buy a suitable one. Follow these buyers’ tips for choosing transitional area rugs to improve your décor. Transitional rugs look wonderful in contemporary, traditional, and transitional homes. Find the rug that speaks to you by shopping at Décor Market online.

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