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Deciding Between Transitional, Traditional & Modern Rugs

Deciding Between Transitional, Traditional & Modern Rugs

Furnishing your place takes time. It may not seem complete until you add those finishing touches. Don’t neglect your floor space while playing with your décor. If deciding between transitional, traditional, and modern rugs seems confusing, follow these tips for picking out the right one.

What Is a Traditional Rug?

Classic rug styles are traditional. The most common styles from this category are Persian and Oriental styles, which feature intricately woven designs. Though people developed the approach centuries ago, traditional-style area rugs are still popular and easy to find. They add sophistication and elegance to any room.

What Is a Modern Rug?

Characterized by bold colors and unique patterns, modern rugs are suitable for contemporary spaces. They’re playful and chic. As a result, modern rugs look excellent in bedrooms, dorms, bathrooms, and other trendy areas.

What Is a Transitional Rug?

Transitional rugs combine modern and traditional styles and match transitional décor styles. These popular rugs feature intricate designs and neutral tones that fit in just about any space. Transitional rugs are grand and often offer unique features you don’t get with other styles.

Which Rug Is Right for You?

Knowing how to choose the right rug for your space is challenging when there are so many options. Rugs come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You must weigh these features to choose one that matches your décor. For instance, a modern rug will look best with modern décor, while a traditional rug looks best if you decorate a room traditionally.

The right rug can unify your décor, define a space, or make your room feel larger. When deciding between transitional, traditional, and modern rugs, make sure you don’t buy one that’s too big or small. Remember to measure before shopping online at Décor Market for the best area rugs to include in any room in your home.

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