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Essentials for Designing Your Own Reading Nook

Essentials for Designing Your Own Reading Nook

The daily tedium of work tends to weigh heavily on both the mind and body. But sometimes, the couch just isn’t enough for the cozy vibe one truly yearns for. By considering these essentials for designing your own reading nook, you can set yourself on the right path to creating a new space to relax in and forget about any work-day stresses.

Find Your Quiet Place

The first step in creating your perfect reading nook is all about location. Finding a quiet corner to escape from the outside world is key in isolating your experiences to yourself. You know what you need better than anyone, so if you want to avoid distractions such as the TV or your phone, be sure to keep them away from your nook so that you can fully enjoy your “you” time.

Make It Your Own

Your nook should have a welcoming feel. Adding a built-in bookshelf creates a sophisticated look while clearly indicating what the nook is meant for. Adding some furniture to lounge on, with a throw blanket and extra pillows for added comfort, sets the mood for your reading nook and invites you to take a break. Minor additions that you feel would add to it are at your discretion. Anything from a tea-maker to a mini-fridge for guilty pleasures-whatever helps you forget about your worries-is sure to be a great addition to your corner.

Don’t Forget the Details

So you’ve found your cozy corner and gussied it up with some new furniture and useful trinkets. However, it’s essential not to forget about the smaller details that will tie the nook together with the rest of your living space. If you’re looking for a mix of traditional and modern design, transitional area rugs fill the need perfectly and close off the area without seeming out of place. Finding warm lamps to light up your space and add to the relaxing mood is also crucial in creating the right ambience for relaxing. The idea is to effortlessly invoke a calm pause to the day that warmly welcomes you to leave your worries at the door.

Going home with stress on your shoulders is no way to get into a leisurely groove. By considering these essentials for designing your own reading nook, you give yourself a little gift to soothe your soul and feel a bit more welcome at home. Listening to the soothing late-night taps of rain while reading your favorite novel under the warm glow of your reading lamp is the gift you deserve to be treated to.

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