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How To Choose the Best Area Rug Shape for Your Space

How To Choose the Best Area Rug Shape for Your Space

The joy and beauty of hardwood floors only last for so long. Eventually, you may want to use rugs to cover the bare space your empty floors create. Of course, you won’t cover all your cherry, walnut, or maple, but you also don’t want to step on cold surfaces as you walk around your home. So, it’s important to know how to choose the best area rug shape for your space.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a rug that doesn’t work for your home. Use this rug buying guide to help you choose the right item for any room you want to decorate.

Measure Your Space

The first step in determining what size and shape area rug to buy for any space is to measure. To make sure you don’t end up with a rug that is too big or too small, you should determine how much of your floor you actually want to cover.

Certain spaces look better with certain types of rugs. For instance, round rugs look excellent in front of bay windows, in reading nooks, or beneath circular objects. Rectangular rugs are grand and look great beneath rectangular tables and in entryways.

Measure Your Furniture

It’s essential to measure the furniture in your home when determining the size of your rug. You should be able to move your furniture around on it. Ensure the piece you buy for your living spaces is large enough to accommodate the area.

Rugs for additional spaces and designs may follow different rooms. For instance, you also want a rug that’s big enough to fit beneath your dining table. Still, your hallway and welcome rugs may be smaller.

Round Rugs vs. Rectangular Rugs

Both aesthetics of circular and squared rugs are pleasing, making it difficult to decide which to include in your home. While it is tempting to choose the first rug that catches your eye, you can be strategic when using rugs in your home décor. Try not to pick a shape simply because it’s your favorite. Rug design should complement your furniture and tie the space together.

Uses for Round Rugs

Round rugs look excellent in small spaces. Since they are typically smaller rugs, they look good in small living areas without making them look cramped. One of the best things about round rugs is their multiple-purpose capabilities. The best places for circular rugs include:

  • Reading nooks
  • Near accent chairs
  • In corners
  • In front of windows

Uses for Oval Rugs

Like a circular rug, oval rugs are rounded but long. In some ways, they are like a cross between a round and a rectangular rug. They look great in living spaces. You can place them beneath a coffee table or let your rug be free space for walking and kids to play. Additionally, use narrow oval rugs as runners in hallways.

Uses for Rectangular Rugs

Area Rugs

Most rectangular indoor rugs are area rugs that you use in the living areas of your home, such as your living room, dining area, or bedroom. Many people use area rugs to protect their hardwood or add color and texture to their space. Since rectangular rugs are generally large, they provide a lot of extra style.


Another type of rectangular rug is a runner. Runners are long and narrow rugs with multiple purposes. The most common use for runners is in a hallway. You may also consider putting runners along the edge of your kitchen cabinets or another wall. Don’t hesitate to get creative with runners.

Layer Rugs

When choosing the size and shape of your rugs, consider how you’ll design them. Layering rugs is a fun way to play with your décor. You can create texture or a bohemian atmosphere that is completely unique when you layer. Rug size is also important when layering.

To layer your rugs, start with the largest one on the bottom. Next, lay a smaller one directly in the middle. The effect will work whether the shapes are the same or different. Furthermore, your layering effect will look better the more unique the rugs are from one another.

Make Your Rug the Focal Point

The chances are good that if you buy a giant rug for your space, it will become the focal point of your room. But what’s a focal point? The focal point is the first thing people see when they enter a space. In many homes—it’s the fireplace, sliding glass windows, or a light fixture. However, it can also be something striking, like a beautiful rug.

Hang a Rug Like a Tapestry

One way to make a rug the focal point of your room is by hanging it up on your wall. If you find a rug that speaks to you like art, you may prefer to hang it rather than lay it on the floor. Unless you have floor space that you won’t cover with furniture, consider hanging your favorite rug.

Break Up a Large Room

If you have a large, open room, breaking it up with a rug is an expert designer hack. The size and shape of the rug you use are important to help break up your space. For instance, you could use two large rectangular rugs to split a room in half. Use the color of the rugs to dictate the atmosphere of each space. Make one half of the room inviting with warm shades, such as a living room, while calming down the other half with soft shades, such as an office.

Before you decide how to choose the best area rug shape for your space, determine why you need the rug. The best way to make sure you buy the right item is to consider its purpose. Once you know where you’ll use the item and why you need it, it’ll be easier to decide. Remember to measure your space and your furniture before purchasing. Further, check the dimensions of any rug you purchase to ensure it will fit in your space. Once you know what size and shape rug you need, peruse our selection of stylish area rugs at Décor Market.



How To Choose the Best Area Rug Shape for Your Space

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