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The Best Ways To Embrace Earth Tones in Interior Design

The Best Ways To Embrace Earth Tones in Interior Design

Design trends have been leaning toward a more natural fusion of contemporary and eco-friendly applications to modern home design in recent years. It’s no longer safe to assume that a customer isn’t aware of the origins of the material they work with. They go down the rabbit hole with a fervent desire to help maintain the ecosystem while finding the best ways to embrace earth tones in interior design. Customizing your home is a lot of hard work, but once you put together all the pieces, there are many excellent ways to apply them yourself.

Color Palette

Mother nature offers an array of colors that dazzle the eyes and wow onlookers in wonder. Though you are not typically bound by any specific color when going by the theme of nature, aiming for earthy tones tends to guide the brush toward combinations of green and brown with light touches of blue here and there. White is a bit of a design freebie to help balance things and keep the room from getting too overbearing or bland.

Though this range may seem to constrict you at first, understand that each color has countless shades to work with. Making use of the different color combinations allows you to play around with the mood and ambiance a room provides its guests. In the end, you are who sets the tone, and when focusing on a specific theme, it is your creativity that carries you to the end.

Do not be afraid to experiment or make use of technology that lets you simulate your idea. Working smarter and not harder is the best way to keep going without feeling discouraged or surprised when something doesn’t work together the way you originally envisioned it. Being different from the traditional styles is also worth giving a try if you find yourself unhappy with your first few ideas. Whether it’s white tiling with pastel green walls and dark wood furniture or some other flipped around variation, the only person who should be happy with the room by the end of it is you.

Implement Nature

What better way to design a home than paying tribute to its origins? When you get down to the meat of things, every aspect of your house comes from something in the environment. How far you are in the construction and design process determines the available canvas you have to work with.

Pulling in different aspects of your local environment helps to encapsulate the outdoor feeling of freedom with the comfort of home living. If you wish for a more Zen appeal, creating a homemade pond using river rocks and natural plant life allows you to admire the scenery while relaxing to soothing sounds of water.

However, as much as you dream of that indoor koi pond, being realistic is also part of the design process. Of course, not everyone has the room or patience to create a body of water inside their home. Implementing different plant species into your home is an excellent alternative with a lot less maintenance. Create a hanging garden or add subtle hints of life in the corners of your room. Whichever you prefer, bringing nature in adds to the room’s presentation without feeling unnatural.

Complement Your Furniture

The journey of finding an eco-friendly couch or lounge chair is a different venture altogether. But when in the process of searching, it’s important to pay attention to how the color affects your current or intended design in the room. Using rust and brown area rugs to complement a lighter shaded sofa helps create the centerpiece of a living room and allows the decorum to act as an addition to the main focal point for guests to relax in. You must maintain balance when using earthy tones in a room.

Having too much of one color creates an overbearing presence that some do not prefer. Your larger furniture can act as that balance. Taking in a big white sofa to complement the browns and beiges creates a modern and classic appeal that feels clean and well put together. But using a dark brown couch in the same setup has the possibility of becoming too gloomy or targeted toward a single palette. Keeping these design traits in mind is key when selecting and placing furniture in your home.

Specify Your Theme

For example, say you’ve created a clean white room with light sandalwood flooring. You have touches of green around the room and a wonderfully large window to act as the center of attention. But aside from the elements of color and nature that you’ve combined, nothing feels inspired or unique. If you’re struggling to figure out how to make your room seem more focused, consider specifying your theme further.

Your idea of an open forest-themed room turns into a greenhouse cottage retreat. This adds depth to your original idea while providing additional details related to what you can add to the room. Whether it comes in the form of a faux bear pelt on the floor or glass jars full of dried berry potpourri on a heavy wooden table, filling the space with smaller details allows you to further accentuate your theme and add life to a room that once felt empty.

The lengths one will go to customize their living experience goes as far as the effort they are eager to put in to make it happen. It is a lot of work, and no method is without its own set of flaws and setbacks. Depending on the degree to which you want to transform your room, it is important to prepare for all the heavy lifting necessary for the process.

If you’ve tossed your hat in the ring and are ready to create the room you’ve fantasized about for too long, consider the best ways to embrace earth tones in interior design. You deserve to create a relaxing place where you want to live, and there is no greater reward than experiencing it for yourself every day after that.

The Best Ways To Embrace Earth Tones in Interior Design

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