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What Does Your Home Decor Style Say About You?

What Does Your Home Decor Style Say About You?

Do you decorate your home a certain way due to your personality? You probably align with the type of decor in your home. Knowing what your home decor style says about you may help you find the right one. Whether you’re creative, focused, eclectic, or down-to-earth, you may find that the way you style your living spaces says a lot about you. Check out what type of personalities are drawn to specific decor styles.

Contemporary Style

If your home features contemporary style, you’re likely an open person. You probably have a bold personality and don’t mind letting others know. Confidence and ambition help you create this decor style and make it what you want. Though it’s often confused with modern style, contemporary style allows you more freedom with shapes and layouts, which you may like if you’re creative.

Transitional Style

When you love change and can’t decide which decor style you like most, you’ll probably go with transitional decor. Mixing and matching is easy with interior design that’s all about pulling from different styles. If transitions are easy for you, you’re likely a friendly person who is flexible and agreeable. Make friends with people who embrace this style.

Boho Style

A bohemian-style living area may indicate that you’re free-spirited and creative. You don’t have to play by any rules when you embrace this decor. You’re likely very eclectic if your decor style is boho or boho chic. Further, you may have a vibrant personality that attracts people to you.

Rustic Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style is conservative and modern with a rustic twist. If you enjoy this decor, you probably have an affinity for the outdoors and the simple life. Those who decorate their homes with wood, leather, and other natural materials are often more empathetic and caring. These may be the most laid-back people you know.

Traditional Style

Adopting traditional interior design may indicate that you’re dependable and safe. Do people often come to you with their problems? This could be because you’re reliable and strong. Though some styles change, traditional decor is timeless and elegant. Still, you know how to make a statement, whether with something shiny and metallic or a striking pattern.

Modern Style

Modern decor changes with the seasons. If this is your preferred style, you probably love keeping up with trends and handle change well. You’re sophisticated and like to take the lead so you can stay ahead of the game in all areas of your life. Many people who enjoy this interior design are driven and charming.

Minimalist Style

Meticulously organized people often prefer a minimalist space. Both for function and lack of distraction, it provides efficiency for very driven people who are always on the go. You carefully consider each piece that goes into your space the way you would anything you include in your life. Even shopping for an area rug in off-white can take you days or weeks since you’re looking for the one that best suits your needs from form to function.

Casual Style

If your home is casual, it probably means you love to relax. The style is adaptable and doesn’t include large statement pieces. You probably have a big family and like to entertain if your home is full of casual seating. It also means you’re generous and want to provide a comfortable haven for all who enter your door.

Modern Gothic Decor

Known for its intricate details and emphasis on black, gothic decor looks vintage and elegant. If you embrace this style, you’re likely very focused and ambitious. Further, it may indicate that you enjoy the dark side of things and like to live on the edge.

Hollywood Glam Style

Hollywood glam mixes modern design with vintage elements for a chic and upscale look. You probably love the limelight and revel in being the one with the most unique taste. Further, this decor may indicate a bubbly personality.

Biophilic Style

People who choose biophilic style love the outdoors and are typically in a better mood and more productive for it. If you love to fill your home with greenery, this may be your style. Those who strive for this decor style are often relaxed and positive.

Coastal Style

Nature lovers who are all about the ocean often choose coastal-style interior design. Whether you stick to shades of blue or bring in nautical elements, you likely love adventure and have the most fun when you’re on or near the sea. People who embrace this decor style are typically grounded and calm.

Scandinavian Style

A contemporary interior design style, Scandinavian is known for its calming shades and minimalism. This style will speak to you if you like muted shades, nature, and gorgeous aesthetics. The color palette for Scandinavian interior design is typically blue with other natural shades, which may help you feel grounded and relaxed.

Industrial Style

Elegant and masculine, industrial interior design is common with people who enjoy hard work and efficient spaces. You don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort and enjoy uniquely engineered furniture and other art. If this style appeals to you, you’re probably very focused and may tend to be serious.

Feng Shui

The most balanced and grounded individuals often choose Feng Shui for interior design. It’s customizable and may look different for everyone. The idea is a traditional Chinese practice that involves energy to improve how you feel, think, and behave. Many people strive for this decor style because it’s about blending calm and intense energies.

Knowing what your home decor style says about you doesn’t mean you need to change things up if your personality isn’t the same as everyone else’s. You may have other reasons why you chose the style you have in your home. For instance, you might have a lot of family photos and heirlooms around if you care about family. On the other hand, if you enjoy displaying artifacts from your travels, your style may be mixed due to your ever-changing sense of self.

Let this guide help you choose the best interior design for you. Shop Decor Market’s wide selection of designer furniture to create a space that’s uniquely you.

What Does Your Home Décor Style Say About You?

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